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Our all-inclusive Wedding Package includes 20 uplights, the best dance floor lighting, 3 different sound systems, music, and 3 people: an MC, a DJ, and a "Light Jockey" (who controls the dance lights in real time with the music). Specifically, the package includes:


Wedding Planning Services:

  • We collaborate with you and your other vendors via the BHDJ easy to use online wedding-day planning guide to plan each part of the special day.   Our online planning guide can be 100% customized to your dreams and wishes and allows all of your chosen vendors (venue, caterer, photographer, etc) to be in 100% sync on the schedule and details of your wedding program.  Our planning guide includes an example order of events as well as example special songs.

  • An online song request link that you can share with your guests beforehand.  We also share with you the responses document in case you are interested in curating/filtering the requests your guests make.  We can also take song requests during the event (of course). 


Audio, Music, and MC Services:

  • Wireless microphones for the ceremony, toasts, etc.

  • MC services tailored to your special wishes

  • 3 separate professional sound systems. These separate sound systems eliminate any  transition time between ceremony -> cocktails -> dinner -> dancing.

    1. Ceremony: A fully battery powered professional sound system for the ceremony including up to 4 wireless lapel mics and 4 wireless hand held mics.  No power outlets required. Your ceremony could be in an outdoor setting thousands of feet from the nearest outlet. 

    2.  Cocktails: A fully battery powered professional sound system for background music during cocktails.

    3. Dinner, Reception, and Dancing: A high fidelity sound system (two main speakers and two sub-woofers)

  • Disc Jockey (DJ) with extensive music library. It includes the best dance music from 1920s through today. Variety of genres. Slow and fast songs. Our music library is appropriate for all-ages (we exclusively use radio edits of songs that are void of explicit lyrics). Our services include music for the ceremony (processional/recessional music/etc.), dance, and any other desired background music (for cocktail hour and/or dinner)

  • We accept any song tracks you want to provide and will include any song you request in the order which you desire (as you specify in the planning doc). We are here to customize this celebration to your desires and make it one that you, your fiancé, and all your guests will never forget!


Lighting and Special Effects:

  • 20x Wireless (battery powered with no cords) LED up-lights all around the edges of the reception room customized to any color you desire.

  • High powered "Intelligent" Dance Lighting units + laser that we install lights all around the dance floor providing an "immersive" lighting experience. Other DJs only install dance lights up front near the DJ and set the lights to "auto" (they don't have a light jockey that controls them in real-time with the beat of the music).

  • A dedicated Light Jockey (LJ) who controls the lights and lasers in real time with each song.  Guests of all ages love dancing to the changing light patterns and colors on the floor.


We offer three optional add-ons:

  • A high output bubble machine that we turn on during special dances to add magic to the air.  The machine outputs over 1000 bubbles per minute. Bubbles offer a fantastic background for photos of your first dance. .

  • A custom designed monogram with your name, the name of your fiancé, and your wedding date.  We project this monogram on the dance floor before the open dancing, and then move the projection to the wall after open dancing starts.  Unlike standard monogram projectors, our projector rotates the monogram. 

  • A high powered (2000mw) multi-colored laser like one you see at a music festival/concert.  We are one of only 2-3 mobile DJs in Massachusetts who have such a laser and the necessary training to operate it safely. We have special permits from the US FDA and the State of Massachusetts which allow us to operate a high powered laser.  We pair this laser with a small of amount of atmospheric “haze” which enables the laser beams to be seen not only on the surfaces they hit, but also in the air. Our light jockey synchronizes the laser’s color with our other lighting to produce a beautiful effect during dances. 

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