We will make your Son or Daughter's special day one they will remember for a lifetime!


We customize each and every Bar/Bat Mitzvah to suit each client's unique needs and provide unique choices they’re sure to love.  Our DJ services are always a hit and are guaranteed to make sure your son or daughter's special day is one you and your guests will never forget.


What our clients want is precisely what they get. Our dance music collection includes tens of thousands of tracks with songs from the 1930s up to the very latest music. We have a large variety of music genres including slow and fast dance songs.  We work with you in advance to custom tailor the musical genres and playlists to meet your desires. We provide you a private web link that your guests can use before your son or daughter's special day to make song requests.  We also take requests from your guests during the event to maximize their enjoyment of your celebration.


Our Intelligent Lighting is installed around the dance floor and controlled in real time by a Light Jockey (LJ) to match the music. Each song becomes its own customized light show draws guests to the dance floor.


Our all-inclusive Bar/Bat Mitzvah package includes the equipment, music, a DJ/MC, as well as a "Light Jockey" (who controls the lights in real time with the music). Specifically, the package includes:

Planning Services:

  • A Bar/Bat Mitzvah program 100% customized to your wishes.  We collaborate with you via the BHDJ online Bar Mitzvah Planner Tool and sit down face to face with you and your son/daughter to customize every part of the fun/memorable event.

  • Over 55 games/contests to choose from. You and your son/daughter will use the BHDJ online Bar Mitzvah Planner Tool to select which ones you are interested in.  We can add others as well, if there are specific games/contests not already included in our planner tool.

Audio, Music, and MC Services:

  • Customized MC services to keep the party moving/on-schedule and maintain energy in the room.

  • Two sound systems:

    • A high fidelity sound system (two main speakers and two sub-woofers)

    • A fully battery powered professional sound system to provide background music for cocktails in a separate location.

  • Wireless microphones for the HaMotzi blessing, toasts, candle lighting ceremony, etc (as desired).

  • A Disc Jockey (DJ) with extensive music library.  It includes dance music from 1920/30s through the 2000s, as well as the very latest popular dance music.  Large variety of genres. Slow and fast songs.  Our music library is appropriate for all-ages; we only use clean radio edits of songs.

  • You will enter your requests into the BHDJ Online Planner Tool and can be as specific as you would like in what songs you would like played.

  • An online song request link that you can forward to your guests before hand.  Song requests can be accepted during the event as well.

Lighting and Special Effects:

  • High powered Intelligent Dance Lighting units + laser that we install lights all around the dance floor providing an "immersive" lighting experience.  

  • A Light Jockey (LJ) who actively controls the lights in real time and customizing the light show to each song (and games where applicable).  Youth love dancing to the light patterns on the floor.

  • 20x Wireless LED uplights placed around the edges of the room.  These don't require any power cords and can be customized to ANY color you would like.

Our lighting and sound system is unparalleled for mobile DJs in the area and requires 2 hours of setup time and 2 hours of take down time (in addition to up to 7 hours of performance time that we include in our package). 

We offer the following optional add-ons:

  • A high output bubble machine that we turn on during special dances to add magic to the air. The machine outputs over 1000 bubbles per minute. Youth go crazy over bubbles. We offer this add-on for $100.

  • A custom designed monogram with your son or daughters's name and the date of their Bar Mitzvah. We project this monogram on the dance floor during games and dinner, and then move the projection to the wall after open dancing starts. Unlike standard monogram projectors, our projector rotates the monogram. We offer this add-on for $100.

  • Atmospheric Haze which allows guests to see the individual beams of our dance lighting and lasers in the air (not just on the ground and walls). We offer this add-on for $100.

  • A UV/Blacklight party package which includes:

    • High powered UV Blacklights placed at the four corners of the dance floor.   We coordinate the use of these lights together with our regular dance lights to add florescent/"blackout" effects to some dance songs and games. 

    • A florescent face paint station which includes: brushes, 8 different florescent face paint colors, and a mirror. 

    • 50 florescent balloons inflated. We will periodically toss fluorescent balloons out to the youth when the black lights are on.  Youth love playing with these balloons during dances.

    • We offer this add-on package for $200.

  • ​A high powered (2000mw) multi-colored laser like one you see at a music festival/concert.  We are one of only 2-3 mobile DJs in Massachusetts who have such a laser and the necessary training to operate it safely. We have special permits from the US FDA and the State of Massachusetts which allow us to operate a high powered laser.  We pair this laser with a small of amount of atmospheric “haze” which enables the laser beams to be seen not only on the surfaces they hit, but also in the air. Our light jockey synchronizes the laser’s color with our other lighting to produce a beautiful effect during dances. 

  • Motivational Dancers to keep the dance floor moving

  • Party favors (glow bracelets, blinking leds, etc), supplies, and prizes as desired for certain requested games.   If you do request party favors and/or prizes, we will purchase them and pass the cost directly on to you (with no markup). 





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